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Hey Newgrounds!

2012-11-16 07:53:25 by Lazerwolfe

Im really excited to see my views going up! Thank you all for taking the time to check out my page!


2012-10-21 09:08:42 by Lazerwolfe

Whats up Newgrounds! I hope you enjoy these originals!


2012-08-31 10:14:09 by Lazerwolfe

This is the legend of the Lazerwolfe. Long ago before the places we live today had names there was a small tribe that lived near a forests edge. They kept to themselves and were fairly civilized compared to most others. One day, while out foraging for food the shaman of the tribe came across a hurt wolf cub. He noticed it had a strange mark under his right eye. He took it back to his village and nursed it back to health. A few days had passed before the wolf awoke but when he did he became frightened and ran off into the woods. One day, years later a strange object appeared in the sky bringing with it earthquakes and violent storms. The villagers were afraid and began to panic turning the small tribe into a crazed mob. They were ransacking the village going from one home to another burning and pillaging when they finally got to the shamans home. They burst in the door and waved their torches around commanding the shaman to help them and take away the strange object in the sky but just then a pack of wolves charged into the village and surrounded the shamans home. The villagers began attacking the wolves and the shaman yelled at them to stop. Then the leader of the mob threw down his torch setting the tent ablaze and chucked a spear at the shaman but just before the spear struck him a wolf with a strange mark under his right eye jumped in the way. Finally the shamans home collapsed!.....After the wolves had scared off the remaining villagers they gathered around the burning remains of the shamans home whimpering for their lost companion. But then there was a rustling in the burning remains and a man stood up holding the wounded wolf and his eyes were glowing bright blue. He whispered into the wounded wolf's ear and was engulfed in flames. Moments later after the flame had died down there appeared a bright glowing wolf standing in the middle of the fire he then faced the strange object in the sky and began to howl. The ground began to shake and light began to pour from the wolf's mouth. The beam of light hit the object and with a great explosion it stopped the strange object in space. The white wolf was never seen again but to this day wolves will howl at the strange object in the sky calling for the white wolf's return. This is Lazerwolfe!